Acting helps kids feel good about themselves because each child is praised for their individual talents and effort. Whether your child is lively and needs a place to showcase that creativity or you have a more timid child that needs encouragement and support, at The Creative Theatre Company, every student gets a chance to shine. We provide a friendly, fun, safe, and nurturing environment in which to learn. The Creative Theatre Company has been offering quality actor training since 1990. We are proud to be members of the Toronto Association of Acting Studios(TAAS). Membership in TAAS means abiding by the TAAS Code of Ethics. This includes dedicating ourselves to excellence and delivering a high standard of professional competence, safety and respect for our students.


Acting Camp

The camp is an excellent way to introduce students to the craft of acting! Each day we create and perform scenes, play theatre games, practice developing a good, strong speaking voice, investigate creative movement and, of course, learn many aspects of the fundamentals of acting.


Acting Classes

Classes focus on the fundamentals of acting including; voice, character study, improvisation, movement, and scene work. Creative Theatre Company students are not just learning about acting, they are also learning how to be artists and create their own theatre with their own unique voice.



Acting is an art form that allows a child to grow. With each acting class, the student learns something new about him or herself. Perhaps it is a new skill like speaking with a loud, clear, expressive voice that the young artist has discovered through practice and experimentation in class. It is such a joyful feeling to accomplish new skills. These accomplishments can only lead to better self-esteem, as well as creative and artistic growth.

In The Creative Theatre Company acting classes, students also learn such life skills as working independently and with their peers. We focus on teamwork, sharing, and co-operating. Listening skills, problem solving, focus and concentration, presentation skills, and critical and analytical thinking are some of the other life skills that a CTC student will use in school, during public speaking, or that first job interview.

We believe that each student we teach is unique and special and deserves to be treated that way. It is our goal to strengthen each student’s inherent skills and to unearth and polish the skills our students didn’t know they had. We strongly believe in each student’s ability and enjoy watching them grow and shine artistically.


Claudette Brundage-Hampson & Jennifer Walton

Jennifer and Claudette met in University while completing their degrees in theatre and have worked together ever since.  They have been Co-Directors of The Creative Theatre Company since 1990.  They have inspired many students to pursue a career in acting, some of whom regularly appear on stage, in film, television, music videos, and voice overs.  Still other students who have gone into careers in business, healthcare, and education share their success stories with Jen and Claudette about how acting classes have given them the edge they needed to get ahead in their chosen field.


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